The worst of Roblox remakes

Today I play the worst Roblox version of videogames I can find lol


  1. lilith


    27 minuter sedan

    make animal crosing video btisvgfpra8e74yrf uyjawu4h0gojs-7[wh ckgd

  2. Last breath sans FNF

    Last breath sans FNF

    5 timmar sedan

    Albert I want be ur little brother

  3. Last breath sans FNF

    Last breath sans FNF

    5 timmar sedan

    Flamingo 🦩. U r the best am pro number one fan I wanna even wanna see u at person and even take photo and give u new internet

  4. Jordthemoistyman


    14 timmar sedan

    Don’t you mean the best?

  5. Bacon g Roblox

    Bacon g Roblox

    15 timmar sedan

    He’s a slender

  6. Bill


    Dag sedan


  7. Snøws shorts

    Snøws shorts

    Dag sedan

    “What happened to Isabell? She lookes ugly” Me seeing Albert with his splinter leg and abs: *shes what now?* 1:10

  8. V Carney

    V Carney

    Dag sedan

    He literally was not that good

  9. V Carney

    V Carney

    Dag sedan

    5:29 umm yeaa

  10. Space book

    Space book

    Dag sedan

    Don’t use headphones or you ears bleed 4:00

    • Space book

      Space book

      Dag sedan


  11. Aquata Crystal

    Aquata Crystal

    Dag sedan

    Not me who laughed so hard I vomited-

  12. yvettesicle


    Dag sedan

    play sally face or i will eat your organs

  13. Giovanna Cimino

    Giovanna Cimino

    Dag sedan

    I wonder when flamingo is going to do fnf because he sometimes talks fnf

  14. shadow gaming

    shadow gaming

    Dag sedan

    flamingo became a slender!!!

  15. Nur Hayati

    Nur Hayati

    Dag sedan

    Somebody's dating a Roblox

  16. 𝑳𝒊𝒛𝒂𝒓𝒅 𝒈𝒂𝒄𝒉𝒂

    𝑳𝒊𝒛𝒂𝒓𝒅 𝒈𝒂𝒄𝒉𝒂

    Dag sedan

    We went on to SE-one because we wanted to see a 20 year old man getting mad about a kids game. That’s what I’m here 😃

  17. 🩹💕Sticky•


    Dag sedan

    Sup my idle🤪🤪🤪✨🖤💕🩹 Pin me i killed 133 people :D

    • Grace McKinney

      Grace McKinney

      21 timme sedan

      wtf don't say that

  18. Oliver Silver

    Oliver Silver

    2 dagar sedan

    Albert the Isabelle age search was kinda sus

  19. Logan etaer

    Logan etaer

    2 dagar sedan

    Friday night dunking is a disease

  20. ✌︎︎Dancing Chick3n✌︎︎

    ✌︎︎Dancing Chick3n✌︎︎

    2 dagar sedan

    I just had the worst time of my life. Not watching this, just playing roblox.

  21. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

    2 dagar sedan

    man Why you slender

  22. Spideykian


    2 dagar sedan

    Nobody caees bout the fact he searched issabeles age

  23. ꧁『SimplySakura』꧂


    2 dagar sedan


  24. TheGamingGraff


    2 dagar sedan

    Can you play GTA

  25. Atombom 45

    Atombom 45

    2 dagar sedan


  26. Spidy Blox 2.0

    Spidy Blox 2.0

    2 dagar sedan

    1:15 Albert exposed himself lol

  27. Starfly


    2 dagar sedan

    👉👈 hi Albert do you ship shrek and sponge bob🥺

  28. Joseph joe star

    Joseph joe star

    2 dagar sedan

    11. years of telling albert to play undertale

  29. Please Do It

    Please Do It

    2 dagar sedan

    On this fifth game was there little big planet sound effects? Albert should play little big planet

  30. Matilde Garbes

    Matilde Garbes

    2 dagar sedan


    • Matilde Garbes

      Matilde Garbes

      2 dagar sedan

      S I Just wasted 5 minutes of my life

    • Matilde Garbes

      Matilde Garbes

      2 dagar sedan

      Insert something here F S Sugoma

  31. °•C.C•°


    3 dagar sedan

    2:01 a state farm ad showed up-

  32. {°Samantha°}


    3 dagar sedan

    Little kids are attacking your shadow but I love your Channel;-;

  33. Amelia Adore

    Amelia Adore

    3 dagar sedan

    Stop roblox heat

  34. Caylus yahhomie

    Caylus yahhomie

    3 dagar sedan

    Bro at 1:09 that was kinda sus but also funny 😂 🤣

  35. RangerXshot


    3 dagar sedan


  36. Purple_inkdemon


    3 dagar sedan

    1:14 s i m p .

  37. Billy Arts

    Billy Arts

    3 dagar sedan

    Because you suck at the game

  38. Your biggest fan

    Your biggest fan

    3 dagar sedan

    I need a series‘s of animal crossing videos

  39. Teagan Steadman

    Teagan Steadman

    4 dagar sedan

    i im still sub for 2 or 1 years

  40. K Vir

    K Vir

    4 dagar sedan

    Fnf bf and gf on the thumbnail

  41. Beau 8 hours

    Beau 8 hours

    4 dagar sedan

    I’m a nerd

  42. Mhoonman 777

    Mhoonman 777

    4 dagar sedan

    Bacon twerking.

  43. Jordan Brewer

    Jordan Brewer

    4 dagar sedan

    Why was Albert a slender in the video?

  44. savannaa . catt

    savannaa . catt

    5 dagar sedan

    3:00 they really spelt “obby” in 4 different ways-

  45. Neeta Kadar

    Neeta Kadar

    5 dagar sedan

    1:39 🥲

  46. Absolut_gh0st


    5 dagar sedan

    I'm sorry what?

  47. Luke


    5 dagar sedan


  48. y. u n g O G

    y. u n g O G

    5 dagar sedan

    lol the thunbnail

  49. Jason Graham

    Jason Graham

    5 dagar sedan


  50. Roman Zak

    Roman Zak

    5 dagar sedan

    Pop it

  51. Corrupted Dari

    Corrupted Dari

    6 dagar sedan

    i saw this thumbnail. it was Keith and Lucy from FNF

  52. Cason Wingo

    Cason Wingo

    6 dagar sedan

    Sick video

  53. Sydney Mulleary

    Sydney Mulleary

    6 dagar sedan

    Today at the Y I found a girl named Maddie witch envented this channel.

  54. Cristalina carrasco

    Cristalina carrasco

    6 dagar sedan

    EtHaN pEnAlVeR That’s me

  55. Tanya Browning

    Tanya Browning

    6 dagar sedan

    We saw a devil star FYI a pentagram on dragon tycoon

  56. Gabriel Nadongga

    Gabriel Nadongga

    7 dagar sedan

    What happened to animal crossing

  57. Fancypants yt

    Fancypants yt

    7 dagar sedan

    the one time im happy to be a youtube viewer who watches with subtitles and sound off 50% of the time 4:00 i could tell that it was loud by the way he ripped out his earplugs and the comments

  58. 7 dagar sedan

    When he take off his earphone he look like he is scare little animal

  59. Izzy Rowand

    Izzy Rowand

    7 dagar sedan

    Albert... See my profile pic? WHy would you do that.

  60. olive famm

    olive famm

    8 dagar sedan


  61. Panny Boy

    Panny Boy

    8 dagar sedan

    Explain why you are still a slender are you a oder

  62. tech8180


    8 dagar sedan

    albert..... i founed a weird group look... here,s the name..............The_Unforgiven By guardedripjaw08

  63. Emily Nicholson

    Emily Nicholson

    9 dagar sedan

    Great intro

  64. Ngrrd Nbfdfg

    Ngrrd Nbfdfg

    9 dagar sedan


  65. SizzledToast


    9 dagar sedan


  66. Didi Poo

    Didi Poo

    9 dagar sedan

    Flamingo I joined your group and I’m in the third section can you donate me Roblox

  67. ReconBoy04


    9 dagar sedan

    5:18 sound just gave me ptsd

  68. neuron


    9 dagar sedan


  69. mr animator

    mr animator

    9 dagar sedan

    im eating spagheyi

  70. mr animator

    mr animator

    9 dagar sedan


  71. Christh Aguilar

    Christh Aguilar

    10 dagar sedan

    S I'm not gonna be playing gamesdo peoplesśaaaadwsdaw robloxdsawdwdwdasssweweadawWd speakingdddddd I need to be theredddddS

  72. Oliver Shum

    Oliver Shum

    10 dagar sedan

    Albert what is ur real real name

  73. sd=yu


    10 dagar sedan

    Love bro

  74. LesGamersDémodées


    10 dagar sedan

    Hi (sorry for bad english)

  75. Jackson Thompson

    Jackson Thompson

    11 dagar sedan

    Bruh roblox is like a dumpsterfire the more crap ya throw in it the bigger the flame grows

  76. Hai Bui

    Hai Bui

    11 dagar sedan


  77. Hai Bui

    Hai Bui

    11 dagar sedan

    I mean him banning

  78. Hai Bui

    Hai Bui

    11 dagar sedan

    Who doesn’t like in Banning

  79. Hai Bui

    Hai Bui

    11 dagar sedan


  80. Hai Bui

    Hai Bui

    11 dagar sedan

    And I like him doing crazy stuff in Roblox and the bans hehe

  81. Hai Bui

    Hai Bui

    11 dagar sedan

    I like flamingo because he ban People and I like to see people sufer 😺

  82. zoey.tennant


    11 dagar sedan


  83. Flamingo


    11 dagar sedan


  84. Flamingo


    11 dagar sedan


  85. Flamingo


    11 dagar sedan


  86. Fâlløñ RágêÇláŵ

    Fâlløñ RágêÇláŵ

    12 dagar sedan

    Our hero!

  87. Kitty8202


    12 dagar sedan

    Cool man

  88. Kamta bois son

    Kamta bois son

    12 dagar sedan

    I typed up the Isabella thing ando I am 7 years old and saw the thing we can’t see

  89. I like adopt me!

    I like adopt me!

    12 dagar sedan

    Brasileño de la ciudad y que

  90. Mr. Gremlin

    Mr. Gremlin

    12 dagar sedan

    The intro will never get old I love the aesthetic

  91. Jesus Chavez

    Jesus Chavez

    13 dagar sedan


  92. a


    13 dagar sedan


  93. Aaron Reid

    Aaron Reid

    13 dagar sedan

    5:16 little big planet sound effects

  94. BEANS


    13 dagar sedan


  95. Julianna Salcedo

    Julianna Salcedo

    13 dagar sedan

    There is a evolution of animal crossing/1st animal crossing it is on the game cube/2nd animal crossing wild world? It is on the DS/3rd animal crossing town folk? I’m trying to get on my wii and you know it’s on the wii/fourth animal crossing new leaf? Idk but it is on the 3ds/fifth animal crossing happy home designer it’s on the 3ds/6th animal crossing pocket camp? It is on the phone/7th oh I forgot something animal crossing amibo festival it is on the Wii U/8th animal crossing new horizon on the Nintendo switch!

  96. Ivan Rodrgues

    Ivan Rodrgues

    14 dagar sedan

    4:19 that's week 8 lol

  97. Lit rarw

    Lit rarw

    14 dagar sedan

    Please Albert I’ve been waiting and waiting and WAITING please do another animal Crossing video I’ve been playing animal crossing everything all day and cry because you don’t play it please I’m begging you 😔 I even got a flamingo villager just so I have hope

  98. wabbit waider

    wabbit waider

    14 dagar sedan

    Albert: I was gonna say these were in stock but there not so haha

  99. S Hack

    S Hack

    14 dagar sedan


  100. Homie J. Simp

    Homie J. Simp

    14 dagar sedan

    My question is, why did he look up isabelles age