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Today I play Roblox Wacky Wizards new gun update big shoutout to the creators of Wacky Wizards and Jandel for helping me so much with the roblox admin commands stuff


  1. Noor Hazlinawaty

    Noor Hazlinawaty

    3 timmar sedan

    The intro was cinematic 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤



    7 timmar sedan

    Can you tell me the reqire

  3. Heaven RockBlox

    Heaven RockBlox

    9 timmar sedan

    Your the best flamingo

  4. Khan's Family

    Khan's Family

    9 timmar sedan

    Ha ha ha ha

  5. OOHSilifintioCvN


    15 timmar sedan

    he hsas bad bretish acsent! 🤬🤬

  6. Armpitshrimp


    16 timmar sedan

    “i can fly” yeah your gonna fly higher after this

  7. Mojo Edic

    Mojo Edic

    17 timmar sedan

    Flamingo there's a gun update in wacky wizard

  8. •roblox pink•

    •roblox pink•

    20 timmar sedan

    Hey flamingo this dude hated you that why you don't support flamingo That him gonna hack you is that true tho👈👉😭😭😭

  9. Cg9


    20 timmar sedan

    I. Can’t play roblox:(

  10. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget

    20 timmar sedan

    Albert: **causes max destruction and slight trauma** Also Albert: make sure to use my star code flamingo-

  11. mykaywalk


    21 timme sedan

    I have an idea for admin what if you dress up like a cupcake and bring people back to bakery and give them cupcakes that has a diseases

  12. Qarl Hensen Drem

    Qarl Hensen Drem

    22 timmar sedan

    3:02 Tricky be like

  13. Aquata Crystal

    Aquata Crystal

    Dag sedan

    *Whys everybody leaving* Albert said after exploding half of the map

  14. MrCruzyy


    Dag sedan

    sonic says: give me your money

  15. Monke


    Dag sedan

    I remember when Albert said HECK instead of hell

  16. speed


    Dag sedan

    Listen to Mario or you die via getting stomped on

  17. Ewa Butt

    Ewa Butt

    Dag sedan

    The gun Is a masterpiece

  18. Shina Morgan

    Shina Morgan

    Dag sedan

    No L Albert got admin Iraqi wizards we are dead now we are going to die

  19. Gabe Giardino

    Gabe Giardino

    Dag sedan

    POV: barbs 1:42

  20. Freddy Tutiven

    Freddy Tutiven

    Dag sedan

    What have they done.

  21. Zain imrane

    Zain imrane

    Dag sedan

    if mario said it, it must be true

  22. Suck your mum.

    Suck your mum.

    2 dagar sedan

    Alberts account is slowly dyibg :(

    • glizzyman


      13 timmar sedan

      It really isn't

  23. Bee 🐝

    Bee 🐝

    2 dagar sedan

    Isn’t there a video, where Harry Potter had guns?

  24. sarah ؟

    sarah ؟

    2 dagar sedan

    4:42 white people be like

  25. Poorly drawn Lord sinister

    Poorly drawn Lord sinister

    2 dagar sedan

    "That's a weird potion you're brewing Harry..."

  26. Joe Bale

    Joe Bale

    2 dagar sedan

    Banana cookie

  27. Danyel Kaylynn w

    Danyel Kaylynn w

    2 dagar sedan

    5 year old:HOW DO YOU GET THAT SPELL

  28. PepperWolfX


    2 dagar sedan

    oH mAh gAwSh iTs a FuNnEh iMpOsTeR!! 8:08 (Only KrewFam members will understand, probably no ones going get it 😐 )

  29. sussus moogus

    sussus moogus

    2 dagar sedan

    Your character looks like female jayingee..

  30. Moldy_ cockroach 129

    Moldy_ cockroach 129

    2 dagar sedan

    I love you mario💕

  31. OuKKer


    3 dagar sedan


  32. ( R 3 1 N)

    ( R 3 1 N)

    3 dagar sedan

    "Hi uh- uh uh I" "I - I need to use my majik'

  33. Savannah Kuerner

    Savannah Kuerner

    3 dagar sedan

    Yoyr a wizard Albert..

  34. Sonia Bahri

    Sonia Bahri

    3 dagar sedan

    MArio wants kids to use star code flamingo and he also wanted pizza (one of his favorite foods)

  35. Sonia Bahri

    Sonia Bahri

    3 dagar sedan

    Mario: hey kids if you want to buy roubucks then use star code flamingo please use it

  36. neil kevin alcoreza

    neil kevin alcoreza

    3 dagar sedan

    pls teach me

  37. neil kevin alcoreza

    neil kevin alcoreza

    3 dagar sedan

    how to get shotgun

  38. Joelio Medrano

    Joelio Medrano

    3 dagar sedan

    Make a video of it

  39. Joelio Medrano

    Joelio Medrano

    3 dagar sedan

    You should check it out

  40. Joelio Medrano

    Joelio Medrano

    3 dagar sedan

    Where is the update Waukee wizard

  41. Skid Skiddy

    Skid Skiddy

    3 dagar sedan

    The old vids if flamingo saw a badword he will not say but now he said it

  42. uh oh stinky bruh suuuuuuuuuuuuus

    uh oh stinky bruh suuuuuuuuuuuuus

    4 dagar sedan


  43. Kane Gunter

    Kane Gunter

    4 dagar sedan


  44. Kane Gunter

    Kane Gunter

    4 dagar sedan

    Mario is going to get your home adrees

  45. Omer Khalid

    Omer Khalid

    4 dagar sedan


  46. Simp4Smiley


    4 dagar sedan

    Slipping the US military budget and homelessness numbers in at the start of the video was based.

  47. Noobierawr


    4 dagar sedan

    Wacky wizards idea: turn the whole world into a baseplate in every server

  48. •Literally Syd•

    •Literally Syd•

    4 dagar sedan

    The armor titans when flamingo said what he said at 2:59: *I have strong skin.*

  49. xXaeshetic_CoinxX


    4 dagar sedan


  50. Hoovy Gaming13

    Hoovy Gaming13

    4 dagar sedan

    GeT NoOb

  51. ᯾LemonDust᯾


    4 dagar sedan

    He’s just in a silly goofy mood ✅✨

  52. Adorbsxoavani #roadto200

    Adorbsxoavani #roadto200

    4 dagar sedan

    2:55 Canada be like:

  53. amiel rocha

    amiel rocha

    4 dagar sedan

    There is a Harry Potter kind of like gun movie search up Harry Potter but with guns

  54. Dr. B

    Dr. B

    5 dagar sedan

    5:40 i haven't seen a junkbot in 5 months

  55. Zanz Anims

    Zanz Anims

    5 dagar sedan


  56. Arfifact


    5 dagar sedan

    How do i get beancano?

  57. 迟培灿 (SCP Fan)

    迟培灿 (SCP Fan)

    5 dagar sedan

    Hey HEY psst... can you please bully mah friend user name: Stefan21SF cuz he betrayed me......................

  58. Sus The pro

    Sus The pro

    5 dagar sedan

    He play wacky wizard then he never came back......

  59. pineapple tea

    pineapple tea

    5 dagar sedan


  60. Ykanntt


    5 dagar sedan


  61. Ellie


    6 dagar sedan

    And he searches stuff way out from the video like how many people are homeless in America 2021 and America military budget lol

  62. Ellie


    6 dagar sedan

    Listen to Mario or he will slaughter you with a C4 and I’m serious

  63. HazardRail


    6 dagar sedan

    Nintendo is coming with a cease and desist

  64. Risky Is a scammer

    Risky Is a scammer

    6 dagar sedan


  65. Doge Gang

    Doge Gang

    6 dagar sedan

    Mario's ma

  66. Ben 789

    Ben 789

    6 dagar sedan

    The fact he called people normies is legendary

  67. Conix316


    7 dagar sedan

    play vortex enginge on roblos flaminko

  68. Yet AnotherFailure

    Yet AnotherFailure

    7 dagar sedan

    "WHAT THE HELL DUDE" ~~ Albert 2021

  69. Neve Mcdonald

    Neve Mcdonald

    7 dagar sedan

    Why did Harry potter sound mortgage in British and that was so funny lol

  70. Ninjagaming 200

    Ninjagaming 200

    7 dagar sedan

    I need to do a British accent Me who is British: well that's terribly wrong

  71. a


    7 dagar sedan

    2:41 Damn, i didn't knew flamingo had a russain accent before!

  72. Regieleki


    7 dagar sedan

    AA-12 COMMANDUS SUMMONDUS Spawns an AA-12 Automatic shotgun

  73. Jackson Beaudette

    Jackson Beaudette

    7 dagar sedan

    Flamingo: I’m not saying anything I’m just saying

  74. Devruss


    7 dagar sedan

    swaggy wizard

  75. PHIHUNG-PHILONG phihungphilong

    PHIHUNG-PHILONG phihungphilong

    7 dagar sedan

    Mario is being hold hostage by flamingo.

  76. hoi I have no views

    hoi I have no views

    7 dagar sedan

    Flamingo: why is everyone leaving :( also Flamingo: blows someone up

  77. Byyusri


    7 dagar sedan

    6:39 i found this cute ngl

  78. idiot


    7 dagar sedan

    flamingos best magic trick erasing your existence for this face of the earth

  79. Sir Bork

    Sir Bork

    7 dagar sedan

    First few seconds Me: WHAT THE FU- *Hears the door open*

  80. kakashi anime

    kakashi anime

    7 dagar sedan

    If Flamingo was a hit man:

  81. SCP 05 DigitalWolf OVERSEER

    SCP 05 DigitalWolf OVERSEER

    7 dagar sedan

    7:23 Bad word

  82. Daily things Davis

    Daily things Davis

    7 dagar sedan

    On multiple reasons why he should ban you

  83. Daily things Davis

    Daily things Davis

    7 dagar sedan

    Why in the world with the owner give you admin just why i’m gonna have to write a 12 paragraph essay to the owner

  84. Nugget Doggos

    Nugget Doggos

    7 dagar sedan

    2:41 xd

  85. I dunno man

    I dunno man

    8 dagar sedan


  86. Soviet Union Soldier Ball

    Soviet Union Soldier Ball

    8 dagar sedan

    when he says Harry Potter when he says magic made me laugh mogic

  87. Shitpost factory

    Shitpost factory

    8 dagar sedan

    Remember when this was a kid friendly channel............ yeah I don't remember either

  88. chill man the epic one

    chill man the epic one

    8 dagar sedan

    Harry Potter be like

  89. Gamer Verxter

    Gamer Verxter

    8 dagar sedan

    is that youtuber a hacker :|

  90. Death


    8 dagar sedan

    I try to watch flmaingo but the advertisements every time is just annoying

  91. Bacons United Owner

    Bacons United Owner

    8 dagar sedan


  92. mamasitamelinda


    8 dagar sedan


  93. シ "Stor"ツ

    シ "Stor"ツ

    8 dagar sedan

    3:30 LOL

  94. Speakable


    8 dagar sedan

    Don't blame Albert for the thumbnail, blame carlito

  95. Himikø Nanami6679シ

    Himikø Nanami6679シ

    8 dagar sedan

    Jandel has a Tt and I said you hate him

  96. Lolybit_ Does_Stuff

    Lolybit_ Does_Stuff

    8 dagar sedan

    Go back to 10 minute videos

  97. Weirdo is Me

    Weirdo is Me

    8 dagar sedan

    wacky war

  98. Diego Delgado

    Diego Delgado

    9 dagar sedan