I used Roblox voice chat!

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Thank you Douku aka Dominic Downing for making this possible! Roblox came out with a very limited voice chat feature for developers mostly. Had some fun and got to meet some developers I like and got to play Minecraft twenty one pilots for them


  1. Flamingo


    15 dagar sedan

    Shoutout to everyone I talked to, the people I played Minecraft music for are cool I am fans of them! I’m a fan of most of the developers I talked to honestly lol like the video if you want more voice chat vids they’re fun

    • Arix


      4 dagar sedan

      hi alber

    • Evan Plays Roblox !!!

      Evan Plays Roblox !!!

      5 dagar sedan

      @I Am KevinBB shut up

    • Evan Plays Roblox !!!

      Evan Plays Roblox !!!

      5 dagar sedan

      @Çhrîstófèr Pêzét ×53 shut up

    • Hi Hi

      Hi Hi

      5 dagar sedan


    • LucarioCookie


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      Omg you gain so much subs in such a short amount of time last time I saw you , you only had like 2 million congrats 🥳

  2. bloodyben


    2 minuter sedan

    Voice chat server's "chill" other server's "n word mode activated.''

  3. Chloe Chan

    Chloe Chan

    Timme sedan


  4. carlos lopez

    carlos lopez

    Timme sedan

    george sounds like georgenotfound help-

  5. Nitisha


    9 timmar sedan

    idc if i get offended bye flamin

  6. chayutpol sribantaow

    chayutpol sribantaow

    13 timmar sedan




    14 timmar sedan

    Wat dis game called name 🤪😭😢🥺

  8. pisskinktree


    15 timmar sedan

    i think that hes a top developer

  9. DolphinBoi


    18 timmar sedan

    No link for you friend? Pinned comment? 🤨😞

  10. mmmbeck*s account

    mmmbeck*s account

    23 timmar sedan

    N O W

  11. mmmbeck*s account

    mmmbeck*s account

    23 timmar sedan

    Play s i r e n h e a d 2

  12. mmmbeck*s account

    mmmbeck*s account

    23 timmar sedan

    You still have'nt clicked the link to siren head 2 :(

  13. Stickman FreakWalker

    Stickman FreakWalker

    Dag sedan

    what is the game called?

  14. Eugene Mwenda

    Eugene Mwenda

    Dag sedan

    why did roblox do 13 im 7years old but im a nice kid

    • Malaysia Jaz

      Malaysia Jaz

      Timme sedan

      Because they don’t want underage to get voice chat

  15. UniqueCorny


    Dag sedan

    Imagine everyone got voice chat in adopt me:/ GOD THAT WOULD BE LOUD

  16. Northern


    Dag sedan

    I have it lol. It’s insane.

  17. Kadehwill


    Dag sedan

    Your not funny anymore

  18. road


    Dag sedan

    his humor is evolving while his voice is de-evolving or smth lol

  19. ahlam ali

    ahlam ali

    Dag sedan

    what is Gold.D. Roger there-

  20. ❤️yenha dinh❤️

    ❤️yenha dinh❤️

    Dag sedan

    Whats the game

  21. •ʚValleyɞ•


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    ur 100k likes is back and nobody hates you little :³

  22. Samurai Tuff

    Samurai Tuff

    Dag sedan

    Im crying a little bit 🤣

  23. angel


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    Tiya is an app on devices and you can team up and talk with people fun fact: I use the app and it's fun

  24. Xander Games

    Xander Games

    Dag sedan

    2:32 me laughing like heck XD

  25. ATKS0ULZ


    Dag sedan

    yo mom lollilikikikolo

  26. Baguette


    2 dagar sedan

    i hate people who can’t take jokes, they’re going to be so annoying on voice chay

  27. backslaped YT

    backslaped YT

    2 dagar sedan

    wat is the geame call

  28. sensitive society

    sensitive society

    2 dagar sedan

    Roblox dies after people hear his voice

  29. Zippo Hippo

    Zippo Hippo

    2 dagar sedan

    What is the game called on roblox

  30. Squidy


    2 dagar sedan

    It either rich people in the game that has limited or it the troll person that think their funny

  31. 4Supra


    2 dagar sedan

    RubenSim: does it and get all his accounts terminated Flamingo: does the exact same thing and nothing happens Roblox: 👍

  32. Bee tea

    Bee tea

    2 dagar sedan

    8:58 😳

  33. sasuke Uzumaki

    sasuke Uzumaki

    2 dagar sedan

    i rather smear shit all over my 4 walls then listen and/or watch this

    • Koala timez ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Koala timez ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      2 dagar sedan

      Do it then you won’t :/

  34. Edits With Claud

    Edits With Claud

    2 dagar sedan

    That video is so awkward

  35. Doggo2k


    2 dagar sedan

    i was a fan until i found out u supprt lgbtq

  36. Meow!


    2 dagar sedan

    What’s the game called PLS

  37. Dream_toga


    2 dagar sedan

    whats that game?

  38. OuKKer


    3 dagar sedan


  39. Sn0wman ☃︎

    Sn0wman ☃︎

    3 dagar sedan

    I watch flamingo every night and I’ve fallen off of my bed multiple times laughing lol

  40. Boniche Cutey

    Boniche Cutey

    3 dagar sedan


  41. Blox Wars Victory

    Blox Wars Victory

    3 dagar sedan

    just brilliant innit

  42. モンスター


    3 dagar sedan

  43. モンスター


    3 dagar sedan

    *top developers*

  44. baconhair


    3 dagar sedan

    voice chat videos is back!

  45. _CancelMeh_


    3 dagar sedan

    Please CaN I PlAy SuRvIvE AlBeRt ThE KiLlEr



    3 dagar sedan

    This a amazing 🤣😭

  47. FaceSling3r


    3 dagar sedan

    Guys i think hes a top developer

  48. CriticalBen


    3 dagar sedan

    5:47 Hey look at this guy :flamingo Hey! are you a top developer? No I didn't think so: Other guy: *OH? YOU DIDNT'T THINK I WAS A TOP DEVELOPER?*

  49. LeoPinty


    3 dagar sedan

    as a brit hearing flaming say 'oi lad' made me fucking die lmaooo

  50. Cailin Phillips

    Cailin Phillips

    3 dagar sedan


  51. SayaMakanKatakGoreng


    3 dagar sedan

    Rubensim just got banned in Roblox for using voice reveal

  52. Sean Rafael De Villa

    Sean Rafael De Villa

    3 dagar sedan

    Treat yourself

  53. NateplaysYT


    3 dagar sedan


    • NateplaysYT


      3 dagar sedan

      Oh no he's among us

  54. -Hydrangea-


    3 dagar sedan

    top developer

  55. •LifeORLove•


    3 dagar sedan

    Okay im crying- george guy kinda sounds like george TO ME OKAY- ngl-

  56. roblox taisha

    roblox taisha

    3 dagar sedan

    People that loves flamingo and funneh 👇 👇 👇 👇

  57. Kaw and Maz plays! #road to 100!

    Kaw and Maz plays! #road to 100!

    3 dagar sedan

    I found the bar model from 5:33 😎

  58. Tammy Stewart

    Tammy Stewart

    3 dagar sedan


  59. Waffles & Friends!

    Waffles & Friends!

    3 dagar sedan

    Flamingo: "I'm gonna exploit a gun into wacky wizards" wacky wizards devs: "WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN!"

  60. Waffles & Friends!

    Waffles & Friends!

    3 dagar sedan

    when he put on the minecraft song i laughed so hard

  61. Kian Gamer

    Kian Gamer

    3 dagar sedan


    • Waffles & Friends!

      Waffles & Friends!

      3 dagar sedan

      how what

  62. Monica Ciccone

    Monica Ciccone

    4 dagar sedan

    What is that game called

    • Waffles & Friends!

      Waffles & Friends!

      3 dagar sedan

      its called the 21 piolets concert

  63. Erik The streamer

    Erik The streamer

    4 dagar sedan

    So cool I wish I had voice chat but I am only 9.5 9 in a half

  64. Saei Salt

    Saei Salt

    4 dagar sedan

    george there in the game rlly sounds like georgenotfound. IS IT HIM?

  65. Vaciador Kerf

    Vaciador Kerf

    4 dagar sedan

    lololololo his gayyyyyy

  66. Arix


    4 dagar sedan

    alb er

  67. Kelplays8.64


    4 dagar sedan


  68. Dylan Vazquez

    Dylan Vazquez

    4 dagar sedan

    Albert you seem a bit shy when you talk to them

  69. Baconator


    4 dagar sedan

    I think it's really a bad idea to give Albert voice chat

  70. X̶a̶v̶i̶e̶r̶


    4 dagar sedan

    whats game called

  71. I T Z Y O U T U B E _ C H E R R Y

    I T Z Y O U T U B E _ C H E R R Y

    4 dagar sedan

    When your name is Rin: HE SAID ITT

  72. Jade Barker

    Jade Barker

    4 dagar sedan

    😍 is the day I can come home 🏠 night I am not here forever but I’m still here

  73. mooshy is manadatory

    mooshy is manadatory

    4 dagar sedan

    new mic up : "VOICE UP"

  74. P3NPyxl


    5 dagar sedan

    the thumbnail is epic

  75. The bloom of winx Princess of domino

    The bloom of winx Princess of domino

    5 dagar sedan

    whats the name of the game

  76. emily arauz

    emily arauz

    5 dagar sedan

    When albert is when he has albert is fine with more stuff when he has a video gaming

  77. MB_Zelyxc 2

    MB_Zelyxc 2

    5 dagar sedan

    Can somebody tell me why i got nearly 2 million replies? ▼ View 1,861,412 replies

    • Waffles & Friends!

      Waffles & Friends!

      3 dagar sedan

      I almost fell for it XD

  78. Katie LaPreze

    Katie LaPreze

    5 dagar sedan

    Game name?

  79. Alohaxski


    5 dagar sedan


  80. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi

    5 dagar sedan


  81. Lyfe


    5 dagar sedan


  82. HZ ARMY


    5 dagar sedan

    Flamingo can i you meet me in discord i seriously dying and can you help me? plsssssssssssss..... pretty plss...

  83. pinku


    5 dagar sedan

    petition for Ruben sim to be unbanned

  84. faze_coco LIVE5

    faze_coco LIVE5

    5 dagar sedan

    albert is gay he and denis like each other



      5 dagar sedan

      What makes you think that?

  85. •••Mia•••


    5 dagar sedan

    i wanna get voice chat but i cant even figure out how to move blocks on games so i have a really bad obby and u can beat in like 30 seconds or less

  86. Baldskii


    5 dagar sedan

    Imagine in the future its like: "Well back in my day we could only use our keyboard and our mouse, not our mic"

  87. Ykanntt


    5 dagar sedan


  88. Phong Nguyen

    Phong Nguyen

    6 dagar sedan


  89. || DustyPail

    || DustyPail

    6 dagar sedan

    I Just got invited for this feature as a developer last week. Real worth it. Thank god it's only for a certain amount of users, and approved ones or else, we would be having to deal with trolls and immature users. If your wondering how you get invited, you can't apply. They pick you randomly. I got invited for my account age, my development success, and my groups success. I won't explain how you activate it, because I was told that it should be private but it's real nice, and I can't wait till the rest get access to this feature. I already tested it personally, and there's so much to talk about. It isn't just the voice feature as well, but included are more.

  90. 6 dagar sedan

    I got it for free but I turned permission off

  91. Icxycold


    6 dagar sedan

    He’s among us 8:56

  92. spitze- God

    spitze- God

    6 dagar sedan

    didnt he have 20mil subs

  93. Chara


    6 dagar sedan

    Xbox: Always has been

  94. Amelia Featonby

    Amelia Featonby

    6 dagar sedan

    What is the game?

  95.  • The 🆃e🅰m •

    • The 🆃e🅰m •

    6 dagar sedan

    doctors do have a haard job bc they see dead people every day ;) *edit* e

  96. Junction J

    Junction J

    6 dagar sedan

    hmm very intresting indeed

  97. Clara Steen

    Clara Steen

    6 dagar sedan

    He sounds like GeorgeNotFound😳 (George)

  98. ඞFarrah Azlanඞ

    ඞFarrah Azlanඞ

    6 dagar sedan

    what game is dat

  99. Milena


    6 dagar sedan

    we totally need a mute button if that ever happens, kids can't be trusted with a radio imagine with actual mics? We would just be hearing them screaming all the time

  100. William Potter

    William Potter

    6 dagar sedan